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Treasure Valley School of Karate

About Us


Treasure Valley School of Karate offers you the opportunity to increase your skill level and knowledge of the martial arts. Don't worry if you don't have experience. All levels of ability are welcome!


Team spirit, fitness, stamina and health - we offer it all. There's plenty of fun and action to be had with Treasure Valley School of Karate.


The focus of Treasure Valley School of  Karate - Do is placed primarily on the "Do" (pronounced doe), which is the way to live, think, and act in all aspects of life.  This approach not only offers an effective course in self - defense, but works to improve skills in leadersip, honesty, goal setting, self - discipline, and academic excellence.  Through these sills combined with the stron morals of Karate - Do, we hope to strengthen the community around us, one individual at a time.  At Treasure Valley School of Karate, we teach Classical Okinawan Shudokan Karate-Do.  Our system of training is designed to build strong bodies, and most importantly, strong minds.  At Treasure Valley School of Karate, students learn self Confidence, discipline, honor, and self defense in a way that is both comfortable and fun.


Health through Movement

Our classes offer a well rounded training curriculum of our different sections can be obtained by contacting us.

Our Location

Treasure Valley School of Karate

c/o Dance Arts Academy

2989 E. Copper Point Dr., 

Meridian, ID 83642

Phone: 1 208-936-0326

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