Inland Empire AAU Karate of Southern Idaho

We are an affiliate team part of Th Inland Empire AAU Karate in the Lewiston Idaho.  Inland Empire AAU Karate of Southern Idaho offers an option for athletes from approved schools to come and train together as a group and be able to travel nationally and internationally to compete.  This high level of competition is for all who are determined and enthusiastic about becoming a better Karate-ka and being part of a large team with similar interest.  This group offers athletes support with different coaches from the Washington and Idaho areas and the opprotunity to take part in combined trainings with seminars from some of the best Karate-ka in the area.


Membership fees go towards rental of training locations, a portion will also go to qualified athletes & coaches travel costs (from rooms to food), competition fees, uniforms, gear, team jackets etc. 


As you know costs for all the items listed above can add up and be pretty pricy so we want to make sure that we are able to provide as much support to our athletes as possible.  This organization is part of the national organization AAU Karate ( and is a non-profit 501C3.  This group has a Booster Club to help support called Treasure Valley Karate Booster Club, see below.



  1. Would you like your school to join IE AAU Karate of Southern Idaho?
  2. How can I help the athletes and coaches of IE AAU Karate of Southern Idaho?

If you have these questions or more please contact us.

Treasure Valley Karate Booster Club

Treasure Valley Karate Booster Club is a 501c(3), and has been created to help support more IE AAU Karate of Southern Idaho athletes and coaches. This booster club is made up of multiple schools coaches, adult athletes and parents of athletes who all strive to help IE AAU Karate of Southern Idaho succeed!


If you are interested in becoming part of the booster club, would like to help support or know of an organization that would like to donate to the organization please contact us.






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